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Wow! Where has the time gone?

Whether you found The Website at the Center of the Universe from the 2 hidden hotspots on or found this page through a search engine, I want to thank you for taking a moment to stop by and visit this very special and unique spot in the internet.

While the design is probably considered primitive this is a living record of website design in the mid 90's when individual people were just starting to get access to the internet and person web pages.

And while now it may seem trivial and taken-for-granted, being able to publish my thoughts and short stories in such a graphic way to the whole world was an monumental breakthrough in technology and social communication.

This website is no longer maintained on a regular basis, so many links are probably defunct but I am quite pleased to be able to continue it's publication on the World Wide Web as both a historical record of the humble works of a relatively unkown American Philosopher and well, just for the fun of it!

Feel free to explore any and all of the nooks and crannies. There are many.

Wishing you much health, wealth and happiness,

Norm Schoonebeek

Founder of and The Website at the Center of the Universe

"Over and Under" © 1978

Over and Under

Painting I did in my senior year of college as a philosophy major at Oneonta State, class of '79 black and white - acrylics; colors - oil

Welcome to a very unique website offering a few select, awesome superpotent concepts
not available anywhere else in the world that are the result of the combined
efforts of philosophers througout the ages and other spiritualists that worked
together throughout human history on earth to increase: peace, love and joy
to loving people.

Somehow I ended up as one of the many helpers of this mission and was aided in many unusual ways to compile an astonishingly brilliant, if I do say so myself :-), compilation of philosophical contemplation like none other ever published before.

As you will find, "The Wong Wei Trilogy" combines a mind blowing mix of conservative, intellectual, liberal and imaginative ideas demolishing
many ignorant lies we have been forced to believe, fear and/or obey.

With all of the hype in marketing these days it is hard to convey the importance and significance of this work without people being skeptical.

But I know that the people that are meant to learn these pearls of wisdom will somehow be guided to take the small risk of taking the time to read this.

Best wishes to all of you seeking peace, love and joy in the world,

Norm (Stormin Norman) John Schoonebeek, Long Island, New York, USA

P.S. FYI, I chose an outer space-like background for this website and medium blue lettering, in case your browser or my website server is not providing that color arrangement.

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" 'I have sometimes wondered,' said Mrs Wallhausen, 'that you can still find something new for the printer. I should think that by now practically everything that can be expressed with letters has been tried.'...

...'Just the same,' mused Professor Wallhausen, 'one could express in print everything that can ever be given to humanity, be it historical information, scientific understanding of the laws of nature, poetic imagination and power of expression or even the teaching of wisdom. Provided, of course, that it can be expressed in words....'

...'But the number of the possible combinations of a given number of letters is limited. Therefore, all possible literature must be printable in a finite number of books?'...

...'This is simply a 1 followed by 2 million zeros'..."

- "The Universal Library" by Kurd Lasswitz (1848-1910), from "Great Science Fiction Stories by the World's Greatest Scientists" published by Donald I. Fine, Inc © 1985.

Introduction to The Wong Wei Trilogy

1 HART, LUFF and other Stuff

2 Tasty Tennis Tidbits

A New Zen of Tennis for the 21st Century

3 Toi / Smithereens / Cured - Brainstorm II

Conclusion Delusion

Computers, Disney, Space Travel, Tex Murphy

call me old fashioned, but I just love this stuff!

Special thanks

My philosophy background

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"All day you are ALDAI! - awareness love desire alright immortal"
"The word luff is usually not said but felt."
God is LAW - Love Awareness Wisdom
NVCF - non-violence, compassion, fun
Genius is making work fun and still getting the job done!

"Dear Every One...

La Enigma

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